The complex houses a sports hall with many uses, from training for team sports such as basketball, volleyball, floorball, futsal, football, handball, netballbadminton, and many others, to group classes such as circuit traininginterval trainingdancing, etc. The sports hall covers a total of 648 m2 (6,975 sq. ft) with a durable court surface for indoor sports.

Sports hall hire per hour
Mon - Fri 7am - 3pm CZK 300 CZK 400
Mon - Fri 3pm - 10pm  CZK 500 CZK 600
Sat - Sun 7am - 10pm  CZK 600 CZK 700
Badminton court hire per hour
Sat - Sun 7am - 10pm  CZK 200 CZK 300
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