1. The operator of the accommodation facility at the Prokopávka Sports Complex is TJ Lokomotiva Plzeň z.s.,
Úslavská 2357/75, Východní Předměstí, 326 00 Plzeň, Czech Republic. ID No.: 40525724,

2. Accommodation can be provided for individuals and groups from a sports environment. Accommodation is also available to the public. The bed capacity of the accommodation facility is 46 rooms of various types. There are single, double, and triple rooms, and wheelchair accessible rooms. In total, the accommodation facility has 75 beds.

3. Vehicle parking is possible in designated spaces at the Prokopávka Sports Complex.

4. The operating time of the accommodation facility is year-round. The reception is open 24 hours a day. Breakfast is served to guests in the restaurant between 6:00 am and 9:00 am. It is possible to arrange lunches and dinners in the restaurant for accommodated guests upon agreement.

5. Accommodation is provided on the basis of an accommodation contract. The accommodation contract is always concluded in writing. Accommodation is arranged on the basis of a written reservation order or by filling out a registration form.

6. Upon arrival at the accommodation facility, the guest is required to present a valid identity document – an ID card or passport. When accommodating more people, e.g. for sports matches, training sessions, competitions, training, seminars, a list of each accommodated person, including their identity card or passport number and address, is provided in the application.

7. After accommodation, the guest is given a chip (key) to enter the room and the building. The guest is obliged to prevent the loss, destruction or damage of this chip. They should leave the chip at reception when leaving the building. If the chip is lost, the operator is entitled to demand compensation.

8. The number of persons in the room corresponds to the number of persons registered for accommodation. Guests may not give the premises intended for accommodation to another person without prior consent. The guest gives their consent to the operator processing and storing their personal data, to the extent of the data provided, for the purpose of providing accommodation and registering guests. An accommodation book is kept about those accommodated. The provider of the accommodation facility is responsible for bookkeeping and document management in accordance with applicable legislation.

9. The operator is entitled to use the personal data of the guest, in particular the address, e-mail address and telephone number, for business and marketing messages about events, discounts, etc. In the event of the guest's disagreement, these messages will not be sent.

10. The guest uses the room for the agreed time. If the guest requests an extension of stay, the operator can offer a different room than the one in which they were originally accommodated.

11. Guests are obliged to comply with all provisions of these Operating Regulations, and to respect health, safety and fire regulations. Furthermore, they are obliged to observe the rules of decent behaviour, and to take care of cleanliness and order. Report any damage caused immediately. Flammable and easily flammable substances may not be stored in the accommodation facility.

12. Guests can use the safe at the reception of the accommodation facility to store their valuables. The operator does not take responsibility for valuables that the guest has not kept in the safe at reception.

13. A first aid kit is available at reception. The basic equipment of the first aid kit is according to the usual requirements.

14. A change of bed linen is provided, which is stored separately in separate rooms.

15. Guests may not move furniture and equipment without permission. Smoking is prohibited in the entire accommodation facility. It is forbidden to create a disturbance during the night-time between 10:00 pm and 7:00 am.

16. For safety reasons, the guest may only use electrical appliances used for personal hygiene in the room, e.g. razor, toothbrush, etc. Appliances for personal use may be used, e.g. laptops, mobile phones, chargers for devices. It is forbidden to use kettles, irons, etc., except for those that are provided in the room or that have been lent to the guest. It is forbidden to make any interventions in the electrical network. The guest can use the Wi-Fi connection of the premises.

17. A parent or a person over the age of 18 who guarantees their safety is responsible for persons under the age of

12 in the room or on the premises of the accommodation facility. The guest can receive visits to the room only with the knowledge of the receptionist. Each visit must be registered at the reception of the accommodation facility.

18. The guest is obliged to pay for any damages incurred in full. For security reasons, the common areas of the accommodation facility may be filmed and recorded by closed-circuit television cameras.

19. When leaving the room, the guest is obliged to close the windows, turn off the water taps, turn off all devices using the electrical network, turn off the lights, and close the entrance door. When leaving the accommodation facility, the guest is obliged to hand over the chip (key) from the room to the hotel reception.

20. On the day of arrival, the room is available to the guest from 2:00 pm. On the day of departure, the guest must vacate the room by 10:00 am at the latest. The guest may only receive visits to the room with the knowledge of the receptionist. Each visit must be registered at the reception of the accommodation facility.

21. For accommodation and services provided, the guest is obliged to pay the price in accordance with the current price list. Cancellation fees are charged when a binding order is cancelled. Cancellation fees apply to all ordered services. Price lists for accommodation and other services are available at reception.

22. In the event of non-compliance with the provisions of the Operating Regulations, the provider has the right to withdraw from the contract for the provision of accommodation services before the end of the agreed period.

23. The guest must report any detected defect to the reception of the accommodation facility.

25. In the event of an emergency, everyone is obliged to follow the instructions set out in the fire regulations, fire alarm guidelines, and fire evacuation plan, which are posted in the premises of the accommodation facility. Everyone is obliged to follow the instructions of the intervention commander in order to minimize possible damage to life, health, and property.


In Pilsen on 5th March 2021

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